Bleu lets you define custom types of payment. Those payments are used when a customer makes a delivery order via an external agency. The agency takes the order at your store and delivers it to the customer’s address.

Add New Custom Type

To add new custom type of payments

  1. In the left pane of Back Office Management console, expand the Settings node, and then click Payment Types.
  2. Click Add, and in the Add Payment Type form that opens, specify the name and an optional description of payments of this type.
  3. Click Save.
    This adds newly created payment type to the list of types similar to the following screen:

Using Custom Payments

This feature adds new hot buttons to the Custom Type group on the order payment screen in POS Terminal apps. 

The following sample screen illustrates four buttons for custom type payments:

TIP: On this screen, to pay an order, select a custom payment type (such as Delivery Food or ZOMATO), and then click Pay

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