About This Feature

This page displays overall financial information on all your legal entities in real time. The following information are available:

  • The cash balance (it includes the amount of cash in the cash deposit and in cash drawers of all your POS terminals).
  • The bank accounts balances (non-cash funds)
  • Accounts payables
  • Accounts receivables
  • Balance of each POS terminal at your stores.

Accessing Cash Balance Information

To open the cash balance screen

  • In the left pane of Back Office Management console, expand the Finances node, and click Cash Balance
    Back Office displays the cash balance information similar to the following screen:

At the top of this screen, Back Office displays the following overall financial information on all your legal entities:

  • Cash: displays a total amount of cash (in the currency units).
  • Card: displays total balance of all your bank accounts (non-cash funds).
  • Payables: displays accounts payable.
  • Receivables: displays accounts receivable.

Viewing Detailed Information on Legal Entities

The Name column displays a list of your legal entities. To view detailed information on a legal entity, expand the entity node (click the plus (+) icon next to the entity name):

To clarify the Balance screen information, consider the above screen that displays the balances of the Nord company and information on all POS terminals connected to Cat’s Tall store:

  • The Cash column displays the cash balance of the Nord   company cash deposit 1,392.28 and the cash balance of Cat’s Tall store (200.00). For this store, you can view current balances of all connected POS terminals.

  • The Card column displays the balance of the bank account of Nord (120.00), and amount of payments with banking card for each POS terminal.

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