Back Office lets you create simple discounts such as 10% off an order to apply them in the checkout screen of POS Terminal applications. Due to role-based control, you can define which members of staff are allowed to apply discounts. 

This topic covers the following tasks:

View a List of Discounts

You can view a list of active discounts. Additionally, you can add new discounts or edit existing discounts.

To view a list of discounts

  • In the left pane of Back Office Management console, expand the Marketing node, and then click Discounts.

This page defines the following elements:

  • Add: adds new discount
  • Active: makes the selected discount active
  • [Name column]: click the discount name to edit it.

Add New Discount

To add new discount

  1. In the Discounts list, click Add.
  2. Complete the Add Discount form that opens, and click Save:

On this page, complete the following fields:

  • Name: specifies the discount name to be displayed on the checkout screen of POS Terminal app.
  • Type: from this list, select the discount type (possible discount types: Percentage Discount or Cache Discount).
  • Value: specifies the discount value (in percentage or in currency units).
  • Active: turn this toggle button ON to make this discount active.
  • Description: enter here any optional description of this discount.

Edit Existing Discount

To edit a discount

  1. Open the list of discounts (see View a List of Discounts earlier in this topic).
  2. Click a discount name to start editing it.
  3. Edit the discount properties in the form that opens, and then click Update to save your changes.

NOTE: This form is similar to the Add Discount form described in “Add Discount” section earlier in this topic.

Delete Discounts

To delete discounts

  • From the list of discounts, select discount(s) to delete, and click Delete.

NOTE: This operation permanently deletes selected discounts.

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