This page describes your personal system settings such as the currency used in your stores, the taxation type, a maximum receipt limit, and some other advanced settings.

To open the System Settings page

  • In the left pane of your Back Office Management console, click Settings and then click System Settings:

This page defines the following elements:

  • Currency: specifies the currency used in your stores.
  • Tips message: specifies an informal tips message to display for Mobile application users when they make an order.
  • Tip Field 1, Tip Filed 2, and Tip Field 3: specify tips calculated as a percentage of customer total bill. Example of Mobile application screen that prompts a customer to select the tips amount:
  • Refund within only: specifies the refund period (in days).
  • Allow sale of zero-stock items: specifies your zero stock policy: when this toggle button is set to Off, Bleu system does not confirm orders that include zero stock items.
  • Tax Types: specifies the tax rate type to apply to sales. Depending on your country or region, you should apply the multi-rate sales tax or single-rate sales tax per item.
  • Max Amount: specifies a maximum receipt limit (in the currency units).
  • Min Refund: specifies a minimum refund amount (in the currency units).
  • 1 Point Currency Rate: specifies the point’s rate (for example, if a point corresponds to 0.1 of a currency unit, set this field to 0.1).
  • Min Delivery Amount: specifies a minimum receipt amount for delivery of orders (in the currency units).
TIP: On this page, specify all desired settings and click Update to save your changes.