After installing POS Terminal application, you can connect peripheral devices, for example, a printer, or a barcode scanner, and start your sales using default settings of this application. However, you can customize POS Terminal application using advanced settings. For example, you can specify types of orders that can be processed on a particular POS Terminal, language of the user interface, etc.

NOTE: To configure POS Terminal apps, you can use both your Android device settings and Bleu POS Terminal settings.

Using Android Device Settings

Use the device settings to configure the following parameters:

  • Language of the application user interface.
  • Local date and time

To configure the above mentioned settings

  1. Open your device’s  Settings.
  2. Tap the settings category of interest, such as Languages or Date & Time.
  3. Configure selected setting.

NOTE: For more information, see instructions of your device manufacturer.

Using Bleu POS Terminal Apps Settings

To configure POS Terminal settings

  1. Open the POS Terminal application menu, and click Settings.
  2. Tap a setting to configure.

The following categories of settings are available:

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