About the Active Orders Screen

This screen displays Active orders – the orders that are not yet closed. 

TIP Orders will be closed once fulfilled by both parties – that is, items received and payment complete. To view the Closed orders, navigate to the Closed Orders page.

If there are several POS terminals in a store, all the terminals share the same Active Orders screen. This feature helps you parallel process orders across different members of staff on different devices. All orders can be processed from any device (see Process Orders for details). This flexibility saves time and increases the efficiency of your order fulfillment.
All new orders are displayed immediately, whether ordered via the POS Terminal applications connected to this store or Customer Mobile Application.

View Active Orders

To navigate to the Active Orders screen

  • Open the POS Terminal menu and then click Active Orders.


NOTE: If you enabled the On Table setting in POS Terminal General settings, the Active Orders screen differs from the above screenshot. In this mode, the Active Orders screen includes three tabs: List, Tables, and Floorplan. For more information, see How to Process Dine-in Orders.

This screen displays the Active Orders list. In the list, each item has the following fields:

    • #: the order number;
    • Type: displays the order type (such as Take out, Delivery, or On Table*) and the staff member name responsible for this order.
      *NOTE: For the dine-in orders, this column display the table number or “Table not selected.”
    • Store: the store where the order is processed;
    • Date/Time: date and time when this order has been taken;
    • Status: the order status (such as In Progress, New, or Done);
    • Customer: the customer name (if specified);
    • Amount: the order price (in the currency units);
  • Payment: the payment status:
    •  – paid;
    •  – awaiting payment.

TIP If the order has not yet been paid for, you can modify, cancel or confirm it. For more information, see Modify Order Details and Cancel or Refund Order.

To view or modify the order details, click  next to the order.

Active Orders Screen Control Elements

The Active Orders screen defines the following control elements:

Top menu bar

Bottom menu bar

The icons available in the bottom menu bar depend on the status of currently selected order.

For example, the above screenshot illustrates the bottom menu for an order with the In Progress status in the Status column. This menu bar defines the following commands:

  • Checkout: opens the payment page (see Pay Order);
  • Print: sends the order to receipt printers;
  • Kitchen: sends the order to kitchen printers (see Kitchen Printers);
  • Assemble:  click to confirm that the order items have been checked and added to this order;
  • Done: click to confirm that this order has been fulfilled.
  • Void: cancels the selected order;
  • Edit: click to start editing the order details.

Filter the Active Orders List

Depending on roles of your employees, you can configure appropriate filters for the Active Orders screen.

For example, kitchen employees work only with confirmed or paid orders, while the call center employees process only new delivery or takeout orders (such as orders created using Customer Mobile applications). In other cases, it is necessary to cause the Active Roles screen to display orders placed only in certain stores. 

The Active Orders screen filters let you easily implement the above mentioned scenarios.

To configure the orders filter

  1. Open the Active Orders screen, and tap   on the top menu bar.
    This opens the Orders filter form similar to the following screen:
  2. To proceed with the filter configuring, specify the desired filter critera (available criteria are: Status, Type, and Employees), and click OK.
    NOTE: To specify a filter criterion, tap the criterion name, and then complete the criterion setup form that pops up. The following screenshot illustrates the Order statuses form:

For example, the above filter shows only confirmed Take out and Delivery orders processed by Iwao Nakamura and Alex Johnson.

To configure the stores filter

  1. Open the Active Orders screen, and tap  on the top menu bar.
  2. In the Stores form that opens, select check boxes next to the stores for which you want to displays orders, and then click OK.

IMPORTANT: To allow an employee to view and process orders placed in certain store, ensure that their roles are enabled for that store. For details, see “Set up a Staff Member Profile” in How to Add New Staff Member.

Start New Order

You can always start new order using the icons in the bottom right corner of the Active Order screen:

 – Creates new Take out order.


 – Creates new delivery order.


 –  Creates new On table order.


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