POS Terminal lets you process the customer orders in the offline mode, without an access to the internet. This feature allows you to work even if the internet connection is poor or absent.

This topic explains how to enable and use this feature.

Enable the Offline Mode

To enable the offline mode

  1. On your POS Terminal screen, tap , and then tap Settings.
  2. On the Settings page, turn on the Create orders in ‘Offline mode’ toggle button:

How It Works

IMPORTANT: In any scenario, you should start and end your shift in the online mode.

If the internet connection dropped during your shift, enable the offline mode. In this mode, you can create and pay the customer orders in the usual way.

On the Active Orders screen, the orders that have been paid in the offline mode are marked with the asterisk (*) next to the order number:

The information about these orders are caсhed  and saved to POS terminal.

After restoring the internet connection and closing your shift, this information is automatically sent to Back Office. Thus, Bleu processes all orders.


In the offline mode, you can create and pay the customer orders.

However, when using offline mode, consider the following limitations:

  • You cannot select customers and add them to the orders.
  • You cannot print orders to the network printers.
  • A POS Terminal used in the offline mode does not synchronize the sales information with other POS Terminals in your store, if any (for more information, see “Scenarios of Use” later in this topic).

Scenarios of Use

Depending on the number of POS terminals used in your store, consider the following scenarios:

  • If you use a single POS Terminal, always enable the Work in Offile setting (see Enable the Offline Mode earlier in this topic).
  • If you use several POS terminals, do not enable the Work in Offile setting when the internet works properly; otherwise, a POS terminal used in the offline mode cannot receive information from other POS terminals.
    TIP: In big stores, use the offline mode only if your internet connection is poor or absent.  After restoring the internet connection, Bleu synchronizes all information saved to POS Terminals, and you can disable the Work in Offile settings on all POS Terminals.

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